Saturday, 18 June 2011

too right

When i saw these dudes....i was like "man, i don't think i've ever seen any people like you, who accept themselves for who they are....can i get a picture?" haha. this really shows that theres nothing to be ashamed of. if your tall, short, fat, thin, clever, dumb, got a beard, long hair, big boobs, no matter what you look like its your inner self that really counts...and i guess, that what i've been put through has made me realise that. obviously I make an effort to look nice and shizzle...but then again...why the fuck should I? it's not about what you look like...'don't judge a book by it's cover' i like to think i have a good personality... i think i'm nice, not selfish, funny and genrally a nice gal to be around. And yeah you have to have a certain personality to get along with i am pretty loud...and i know that, and it's something you gotta live with.
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