Saturday, 18 June 2011

too right

When i saw these dudes....i was like "man, i don't think i've ever seen any people like you, who accept themselves for who they are....can i get a picture?" haha. this really shows that theres nothing to be ashamed of. if your tall, short, fat, thin, clever, dumb, got a beard, long hair, big boobs, no matter what you look like its your inner self that really counts...and i guess, that what i've been put through has made me realise that. obviously I make an effort to look nice and shizzle...but then again...why the fuck should I? it's not about what you look like...'don't judge a book by it's cover' i like to think i have a good personality... i think i'm nice, not selfish, funny and genrally a nice gal to be around. And yeah you have to have a certain personality to get along with i am pretty loud...and i know that, and it's something you gotta live with.
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To all the haters

To all those haters out there....i don't think theres anythign wrong wither fact from now on...ill take that 'tag' as a compliment....i mean check out how cute this little piggy is.. and i mean little kids look up to pigs...nersury ryhmes!? little pigs went to market? 3 little pigs? I mean i think it's a bit low to comment on someones appearence and judge then about how big their nose is...i mean i dont even think mines big AT ALL! i can think of peoples who's are ALOT worse. but you know i don't dip down that low to comment on it. i mean i think that all these people should get a life and get a confidence boost. as Jessie J says....'who's laughing now'...well i can tell you all laughing at all of who make my life feel like hell. You know who you are.
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:) my baby weed... the two people i could not live without put into one.
Lily, what can i say...a real life saver. before i was friends with her i was pretty down in the dumps and at the edge of extinction, but she popped up and made my life worth living. I don't think i could go day by day without seeing her. Not now anyway. we are so close and i dont want that ever to be taken away. yeah shes a year or 2 younger than me...what difference does that make!? people get married with 10 years apart. not that i want to marry her....:P but she...with all honesty has been an insperation to me.. coz she's had ALOT of troubles in her life and we share them with eachother and help eachother out. which is one of the many things we relate with eachother. I feel life has to have shit parts in it and you gotta learn to cope with that, but you know Lily has spead up that coping and now i'm a happy bunny. Yeah i know...there are people in a worse positions than she and I am. But i feel our problems have made us closer. for example the things shes told me she hasnt told ANYONE else...not even one of her other besties Cleo..(who's a legend) instead she's come to me. and i guess thats why i love her so much...she trusts me....and yeah...i trust her.
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MMM...i love music! i'm telling you now i could not live without music...i go to school listening to it. i do my work listening to it..i'm listening to Adele now, i even go to bed listening to it! i've grown up with my life surrounded my music... at my old school i was always doing perfmorances and singing. I was always up with the charts and i would do competitions with my friends on who could do the best cover of a song. I dont listen to songs just coz it sounds good. i listen to songs that lyrics mean something to me and something i can relate too. for example Adeles song 'someone like you' the words come from her heart and they relate to my latest relationship. i've just broken up with my boy friend a few months ago who i was seeing for about year. and truth be told i still love him. <3 and music really helps me sort out my emotions...i thats what i love about it.
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i had a good day todat. i went to bournemouth with my beaut friend Lily Harling, spent a wopping £7.65 in costa on a sandwich and drink!! then met up with my other baby cakes Nadia Clark, Maddie Reidy and Emma Noakes...god that child emma does make me LOL. when we met them she was half way up a tree because she had a lucazade shot and was pretending to me a kawala...:P ah life atm hasnt been to bad at all...i just hope it goes up hill from here

Jessie J

Jessie J.... what an insperation to me.. i never really thought much of her until i met my (now) best friend Lily Harling. She got me listening to her songs and her lyrics. and i relised how much they relate to me and my life. she is so natural and writes about the truth and her personal experience in her life. I am currently going through the same stage of my life that she went through when she was younger. i am being bullied for the way i look... it makes me die inside and i pertray that i dont care...but im breaking in half and knowing that i can look up to someone who went through the same thing as me really makes me carry on and push through the hard times. such as her song 'look who's laughing now' is about how she was bullied because she had green skin. And how she descirbes her feelings i can relate to so much and looking where she is now, it's a real confidence boost. because i know that no matter how bad things get you can always get through it and well... look who's laughing now. She is such a successful artist and i know that she will be long loved for her quirky attitude and powerful songs.
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