Saturday, 18 June 2011

To all the haters

To all those haters out there....i don't think theres anythign wrong wither fact from now on...ill take that 'tag' as a compliment....i mean check out how cute this little piggy is.. and i mean little kids look up to pigs...nersury ryhmes!? little pigs went to market? 3 little pigs? I mean i think it's a bit low to comment on someones appearence and judge then about how big their nose is...i mean i dont even think mines big AT ALL! i can think of peoples who's are ALOT worse. but you know i don't dip down that low to comment on it. i mean i think that all these people should get a life and get a confidence boost. as Jessie J says....'who's laughing now'...well i can tell you all laughing at all of who make my life feel like hell. You know who you are.
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