Saturday, 18 June 2011

Jessie J

Jessie J.... what an insperation to me.. i never really thought much of her until i met my (now) best friend Lily Harling. She got me listening to her songs and her lyrics. and i relised how much they relate to me and my life. she is so natural and writes about the truth and her personal experience in her life. I am currently going through the same stage of my life that she went through when she was younger. i am being bullied for the way i look... it makes me die inside and i pertray that i dont care...but im breaking in half and knowing that i can look up to someone who went through the same thing as me really makes me carry on and push through the hard times. such as her song 'look who's laughing now' is about how she was bullied because she had green skin. And how she descirbes her feelings i can relate to so much and looking where she is now, it's a real confidence boost. because i know that no matter how bad things get you can always get through it and well... look who's laughing now. She is such a successful artist and i know that she will be long loved for her quirky attitude and powerful songs.
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