Saturday, 18 June 2011


:) my baby weed... the two people i could not live without put into one.
Lily, what can i say...a real life saver. before i was friends with her i was pretty down in the dumps and at the edge of extinction, but she popped up and made my life worth living. I don't think i could go day by day without seeing her. Not now anyway. we are so close and i dont want that ever to be taken away. yeah shes a year or 2 younger than me...what difference does that make!? people get married with 10 years apart. not that i want to marry her....:P but she...with all honesty has been an insperation to me.. coz she's had ALOT of troubles in her life and we share them with eachother and help eachother out. which is one of the many things we relate with eachother. I feel life has to have shit parts in it and you gotta learn to cope with that, but you know Lily has spead up that coping and now i'm a happy bunny. Yeah i know...there are people in a worse positions than she and I am. But i feel our problems have made us closer. for example the things shes told me she hasnt told ANYONE else...not even one of her other besties Cleo..(who's a legend) instead she's come to me. and i guess thats why i love her so much...she trusts me....and yeah...i trust her.
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