Saturday, 18 June 2011


MMM...i love music! i'm telling you now i could not live without music...i go to school listening to it. i do my work listening to it..i'm listening to Adele now, i even go to bed listening to it! i've grown up with my life surrounded my music... at my old school i was always doing perfmorances and singing. I was always up with the charts and i would do competitions with my friends on who could do the best cover of a song. I dont listen to songs just coz it sounds good. i listen to songs that lyrics mean something to me and something i can relate too. for example Adeles song 'someone like you' the words come from her heart and they relate to my latest relationship. i've just broken up with my boy friend a few months ago who i was seeing for about year. and truth be told i still love him. <3 and music really helps me sort out my emotions...i thats what i love about it.
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